01/10/2011 15:45, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Anderson: This is my time

A first full, and successful, pre-season has given Anderson a regular chance to shine in the Reds' midfield and he hasn’t disappointed. The Brazilian has started every league game so far this season but, as he told United Review and ManUtd.com, he knows he has to keep working hard to hold off the engine-room competition...

United have made the best start to a season ever under Sir Alex this term. From a personal point of view, would you say the same applies to you?
Yes, you can say it’s been my best start because I’ve never played say, five or six games, consecutively, at the beginning of a season. It’s been great to stay in the side and help make a big contribution. We’ve played very well as a team so far, and even when the boss has changed things, the players that have come in have done well and we’ve continued to play good football.

You look to have started the season in good shape…
Definitely. I’ve trained well, looked after myself, and I feel like this is my time now. The boss has given me a chance… it’s important I take it and show everyone why I’m here.

Presumably getting a full pre-season under your belt was a real benefit?
It was so important, because I’ve never had one full pre-season at the club. It’s my first one in four years here and I’ve really noticed the difference. In the past I’ve had a lot of injuries, but this year I feel fine, and I know I will get better. I felt good going into the season, but in a few more weeks, with more games, I know I will feel even stronger.

Have you set yourself any particular targets this term?
I’ve set myself a few. One particular aim is to score at least 10 goals. I’m going to try my very best to score more.

With the retirement of Paul Scholes, did you feel that this was going to be a big season for you?
I think it’s a big season for everyone, not just me. Some players have left the club

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