23/10/2011 17:15, Report by Nick Coppack
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Chicharito still humble

Javier Hernandez speaks to United Review and ManUtd.com as his second term in Manchester unfolds...

You had a fantastic first season here. Do you feel any pressure to perform even better this term?
Ha! People in Mexico have been asking me this a lot, but I have to say the answer is ‘no’, I don’t feel any added pressure. Last season is in the past – I’m happy we won the league and scored a lot of goals, but now this is a new period. It doesn’t matter if it’s my second season or my 10th, it’s a new challenge and I’m only thinking about doing the best I can at this present time. I’m playing for the best club in the world. I just want to enjoy myself and improve with every game.

Will it be more difficult this term because defenders know more about you?
Sure, but I know more about them as well and about playing in the Premier League than I did last season. Don’t forget that. It works both ways!

Does the movement you display inside the penalty area come naturally to you?
I think it’s from watching so much football. I love the game. If there’s a match on TV then I’ll watch it. I don’t care who’s playing, I don’t care which league it is. Instead of watching films in my free time I’ll sit in front of a match. And when I watch I analyse other players and am thinking about my own game. You have to remember I’m in a very physical league. I’m not the tallest or strongest so there’s no point in me trying to compete in those areas. I need to use other skills or talents to get the better of defenders.

Have you set a goals target for yourself this season?
No, I never do this. I’m just thinking about working hard, improving my game and making sure I’m ready when the manager asks me to play, whether it’s for one minute or for the full 90. If I can help the team by scoring goals, that’s great. However, what matters most is that Manchester United keep winning matches.

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