"I want to be appreciated by my team-mates and the manager – anybody else’s opinion is irrelevant, to be honest. If I feel I’m playing well and winning things then that’s great."

- Michael Carrick

04/05/2012 08:45, Report by Nick Coppack
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Low profile suits Carrick

the time, but apart from that I’ve been happy with every season I’ve played for Manchester United.

Some critics suggest the 2009 Champions League final in Rome left you “traumatised” or had some sort of lasting psychological effect on you...
That’s an easy line to trot out. It was probably a throwaway comment and then something everybody jumped on. That wasn’t the case at all. The final in Rome was one game in which we didn’t play well – the whole team. It was just one of those games. We had a few early chances, we didn’t take them and then they scored and we found it hard to recover from there. I was down afterwards, of course. And a defeat like that can take you a while to get over because it’s such a huge disappointment. But that’s football. You can’t always be at your best and some times are harder than others. Generally, though, I’ve had a great time at Manchester United and hope to keep enjoying it.

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