29/04/2012 22:03, Report by Nick Coppack
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Carrick keeping his cool

there could be a big incident that opens the game right up. We just have to go there and play like we know we can, while at the same time making sure we deal with their threats because they have players who can hurt you. In terms of how the game’s going to pan out, it’s impossible to say.

Have some people forgotten there are two more games left?
It seems like it. It’s understandable in many ways, though. The build-up’s been massive and everybody’s talking about this game. There are still two games left after tonight, though, and anything can happen. Who’s to say that whoever wins tonight won’t drop points in those last two fixtures? Football’s unpredictable.

Which side will go into the game feeling the most pressure?
There’s always pressure but I’m not sure who will be feeling it most. We’re in a good position – we’re fighting for the league – and it’s definitely the sort of pressure you want. I’ve been down at the bottom and been relegated with West Ham and that’s a whole other type of pressure. It’s not pleasant at all. I’d much rather have pressure on me because I’m in a side going for the title. This is where we want to be and I don’t see the pressure as a negative. It’s exciting. And anyway, as I said earlier, it’s only one league game. It’s not going to be settled on Monday night. We’re not getting caught up the “all or nothing” talk that’s flying around. Having said that, we obviously want to go there and try and win the game. We never try and do anything else.

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