Tour 2012
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Sunday 5 August
Valerenga v United
Ullevaal Stadium, Oslo

08/05/2012 08:57, Report by Nick Coppack
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Oslo game delights Ronny

pre-season games are very hot and humid but it won’t be too warm at that time of the year.

Will Valerenga provide stiff opposition?
I think so, yes. Because of the cold winter months, the Norwegian league starts in April and goes through to November. So United will come here in the middle of the Norwegian season, which means Valerenga should be well prepared and provide a good test.

How are they doing this season?
They struggled a little in terms of the football they were playing at the start of the season but they still got results and should be in a good rhythm by the time United arrive in town. They're currently third in the league so it should be a good test and really help United prepare for the start of the English season. I think it will be very competitive.

You left United in 2002. How closely do you still follow the Reds?
I still follow them really closely. I’ve been helping out with a few trophy tours and it’s been really nice to be back around the club and meeting fans around the world. It’s funny, you know, because even now a lot of the same people who were working at the club when I was a player are still around. You’re always made to feel so welcome whenever you come back. It’s a real family club.

Finally, how impressed have you been with your former team-mate and fellow Norwegian Ole Gunnar Solskjaer since he moved into management?
Ole always wanted to go into management and he’s done a great job. It’s not easy to make that move but he’s done really well. Winning the league with Molde for the first time in their history was a huge achievement and Ole has to take a lot of credit for that. I’m not surprised he’s done well.

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