17/04/2012 10:30, Report by Adam Marshall
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Petrucci full of ambition

Davide Petrucci has been a stand-out player in the Reserves this season.

His performances recently earned the 20-year-old from Rome a place in the travelling squad at Tottenham, and there are high hopes his undoubted talent will translate into first-team progression. It’s what Petrucci has his heart set on…

Are you pleased with how the season is going?
I’m happy because we are doing so well. We’re top of the league and we’re working hard to stay there. We hope to win the league [the Northern section was clinched on Monday].

People say it’s more about the performances than the results at Reserves level, but all the players seem determined to win the league…
Yes – at the end of the day, you always want to win. You can play well and you want to improve every day but, if you win, that is the best feeling you know.

How much have you had to adapt your game personally? Warren Joyce has praised your running and tackling…
When I came here, I obviously wasn’t used to English football. They told me that, to play in England, you have to play with the ball but also do the defensive part. That’s what I’m trying to be focused on now. I feel better because I had injuries but now I feel good so I want to push myself.

Are you more of a complete midfielder now?
Obviously I like to play going forward. But I need to be ready to do everything – sometimes you have to play in front of the defence, sometimes in the middle. You just have to be ready to do everything. If you are a complete midfielder, you have more chances to do well.

How pleased are you to captain the Reserves?
I feel very proud when I am on the pitch wearing the armband. Just playing for United is so good. I try [to lead by example] but they are all great lads and they know how to behave already.

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