19/04/2012 09:02, Report by Gemma Thompson

Evans answers the fans

Jonny Evans responds to a grilling from United Review readers...

Who do you class as the most powerful striker in the league? NFA
In terms of all-round power, I’d have to say Wayne Rooney. I obviously don’t play against him in games, but I have him in training every day! [Didier] Drogba stands out, and then you have the likes of [Sergio] Aguero and [Robin] van Persie who’ve been excellent this season and scored a lot of goals.

Who’s the best golfer at the club? Stephen Ryder
People always talk about Michael Owen, but I’ve only played with him once or twice so I can’t really comment. Michael Carrick is decent and one of our masseurs, Andy [Caveney], is very talented, but I’d say I’m up there!

How much of an impact has Sir Alex had on you as a footballer and as a person? Jonny Escott
The thing that really stands out is how he turns all the kids that come through the Academy into men. He encourages you, but will also have a quiet word when he feels he needs to. He just knows the right things to say at the right time.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from playing alongside Rio Ferdinand? Tuan Nabil
I think it’s the calmness he brings to the team… he never gets flustered. As a centre-back, if you’re running around the pitch panicking, it sends a bad message to the team, so that composure is vital, and it’s something I’ve tried to apply to my game.

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