28/08/2012 15:39, Report by Steve Bartram
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Vidic answers fans

nice cities with some nice architecture, but the cities I’ve spent time in are Belgrade and sometimes London. I like the opportunities London gives you. It’s the capital and it’s all happening there.

Who was your football idol as a youngster? (Saran Jareevas)
I was a big fan of Red Star Belgrade and we had some great players when I was growing up. The generation that won the European Cup and World Championship were my idols. I’m a defender, but I always looked forward at the attackers. At the time, I remember Parma had some good players. Faustino Asprilla was great at the time. I loved [the Brazilian] Ronaldo, obviously. There are many others too, but they were all forwards.

This interview first appeared in United Review, the official match programme. 

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Real desire

"It’s not hard to train and do the gym work because I know the benefits and I have a real desire to do well, whether I’m exercising or playing. It’s just frustrating when you look at the players training outside, playing football and being involved in games. That’s what I missed."

- Nemanja Vidic


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