27/08/2012 10:21, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Chicha can learn from RvP

Javier Hernandez talks to ManUtd.com about learning from Robin van Persie and the team’s determination to make amends for last season’s Champions League disappointment…

We’ve already seen some interesting and surprising results in the first two weekends of the Barclays Premier League season – can we expect more to follow throughout the campaign?
I think that's the great thing about football - you just never know what will happen. Unfortunately, we experienced the bad part of it last season, but we hope we can learn from that. Every team is strong in this league. That’s why I believe the Premier League is the best in the world because it’s so competitive. You can’t go into any game thinking it will be easy. You never have easy games at a club like United. So you need to be at the top of your game, mentally, physically and technically in every match if you want to achieve your targets and our target is get that trophy back.

It never really feels like the season has properly started until we play our first home game does it…
Yes, for sure. Every member of the squad, the coaching staff and the fans feel a bit like that. We were all disappointed to lose the first game but the great thing about football is every weekend you have a chance to put the disappointing moments behind you and get the result you want.

We’ve seen four new arrivals at the club and a fifth to come this week with Angelo Henriquez due to sign – how much have you enjoyed working with all of them so far?
It’s been great. I know how they feel because two years ago I was in the same position. They have all settled in very well and they’re all working very hard. You always know that when the gaffer brings players to the club it’s for a reason. It’s because they have the level to be in this team and to help us improve.

It must be very exciting for you to have someone like Robin van Persie to learn from?
Yes, of course. I think in life you never stop learning, no matter what age you are. I try to

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