27/08/2012 10:21, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Chicha can learn from RvP

Robin is like Wazza and other top players, you just need to see them play. Even if you’re not a United fan, you should watch players like Robin and Wazza because they are world class. Robin is someone I have always enjoyed watching - he did a lot of great things for Arsenal and we want him to do the same for us.

Are you excited by the challenge that Robin’s arrival brings to the striking department?
Of course. The great thing about this club is you know you will get opportunities because we play so many games in different tournaments. There is competition for places but you always have that. I had that in youth teams when I was growing up and we have it here now because you need a big squad of players. There are only 11 places each week and you need to do your best to get one of those places, but it’s great to have that competition because it means every player will have to raise the level of their game.

And the manager has shown that if a player is in form and playing well, he’ll pick them…
Yes, definitely. The gaffer has the decisions to make, but for me I just focus on doing my best every day in training and in every game so I can help my team-mates get closer to achieving our targets of winning the league and all the competitions we play in.

The Champions League draw takes place on Thursday - does it feel like there is unfinished business in the competition after last season’s early exit?
Of course and even from the season before when we lost the final. As I always say we want to fight to win every tournament we play in and the Champions League is a big target of ours. It’s a great competition to play in. I always followed it as a kid and it’s one I really want to win, we all do.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt from last season’s disappointing campaign? Our home form ultimately let us down...
Yes, of course we want to improve our home form, but we see last season as being in the past now. We just want to look forward and learn from the mistakes we made and make sure they are not repeated this season.

Finally, you must have been very proud to see Mexico pick up the football gold medal at the Olympics?
Oh yes, it was a great moment and a very big achievement for our country. It was the only gold medal we won at the London Olympics and everyone in our country felt very proud. I don’t think anyone really

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