15/08/2012 21:31, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Chicharito's Treble dream

Manchester United have always won trophies in their history, and last season we only won the Community Shield at the start of the season and then we didn’t win anything. So it was very disappointing but we need to look forward. I think that’s going to help us as a team because all the experienced players and all the young ones want to learn and to keep fighting because we don’t want a repeat of last season.

Is it fair to say that the disappointments spur you on more than winning?
Probably. This is a good team - we have lots of experienced players but also lots of young players who want to do their best and have an opportunity in the first team. I think that combination can change [what was] a disappointing year into a good year this season.

Do you take time to reflect on your own personal season?
Yes. Every game I play I try to learn from the chances I didn't take. Everything that I did wrong is in my head and I try to learn every day. But sometimes it's better in football that you don't be too hard on yourself because that can kill your confidence. It's important to get that balance between the enjoyment of the things you've done well and to learn from your mistakes. This team is very good for that: we have the best manager and he knows how to bring out the best in every player.

Your first season exceeded expectations. How would you assess your second campaign?
It was very different because I had a lot of injuries, whereas in my first season I was always fit which was important for me as it meant I had time to work and show my best. Last season I'd be coming back from one injury and then two weeks later I'd get another one, so those starts and stops were very difficult. But I don't think it was a bad year for me personally – it was a bad year for the group because we didn't win anything.

You still delivered 12 goals and some important points, though, despite your injuries…
Yes, but I'd trade all those goals

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