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Chicharito's Treble dream

in the youth team you will have competition in your position, that’s normal. I think having that competition in the team can be good, to keep fighting for that place will make you and the other players play at their best because everyone – the strikers, the midfielders, the defenders, the goalkeepers – all want to be in the XI so they need to keep improving and work hard. It’s normal for a footballer, so I’m going to be ready whenever the gaffer wants me to play. If it’s one minute or 90 minutes, I want to do my best to help the team win titles.

You’ve said you never set any goal targets, but not even privately…?
No, I’ve never had a goal target. I don’t want to be obsessed with scoring goals, I don’t want to be only that player who only scores goals, and if I score goals I’ve played well and if I didn’t score goals I played badly. It’s more about doing my best for the team – if the goals come then great, but if someone else scores instead of me then it’s still great for the United fans and for the club. You can never play one man against 11, and one player can never score all the goals by himself. If the goals are coming then good, but as I’ve always said, I would swap every one of my goals for a title with Manchester United.

Do you have a dream in your head of the perfect goal you would like to score?
My real dream – and I swear it is not about scoring the biggest goal – is to win the Treble. One year at least, I want to win the league, I want to win the Champions League – we were so close in my first year – and I want to win the FA Cup and the League Cup [Chicha, that’s the Quadruple!]. I think the Treble is the most complicated thing in the world for any club to win. So that is my dream, to lift all those trophies in one season.

Does that come after seeing us do it in 1999?
Yes, yes of course. If I have a season where I play a lot but didn’t score one goal, but I can lift those trophies, I will be the happiest man in the world.

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