31/12/2012 10:06, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Evans on the attack

Jonny Evans was arguably United's most consistent performer in 2012, yet while he seeks defensive improvements, he told United Review he loves playing in an attacking team... 

How do you feel this season has gone for you so far?
I missed the first couple of games with injury after my ankle operation and I was playing catch-up on my match sharpness. I think I adjusted quite well and I’ve played a good number of games since, which I’m pleased with. I got injured at Manchester City so more recently it’s been about getting back from that, but I’m pleased with how it’s gone so far.

You've made more appearances than any of the centre-backs in the last 18 months. What have your gained from that?
It has given me responsibility, maturity and helped develop my game. Last year, especially in the second half of the season, I played nearly every game. I always say that the more games you play the more you learn. You can do as much training as you want but it’s out on the pitch that you really learn. It’s on the big stage that you gain experience. I’ve picked up a lot from being in the team and playing a lot of games. I also think physically it’s helped me develop. It’s a big ask on your body having to play that amount of games. Physically I feel a lot stronger for it.

You’ve just signed a new deal; does that feel like a reward for your hard work and good form of the last 18 months?
I don’t see it that you get rewarded in football for doing well, it’s just your job. It’s what you’re paid to do. Each contract that the club give out reflects how valuable you are to the team. To be someone who plays week in, week out is exactly what I’ve wanted to be. If the club come to you and want you to sign a new contract, so be it. For me, there’s no better feeling than when you’re playing football and winning games. No matter what club you’re at, that’s the way it is. The happiness

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