17/12/2012 08:00, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Jones is always learning

Phil Jones has experienced a testing 2012 but he is marking it down as educational and, in part one of this interview with Saturday's United Review, he says he's all the better for it...  

You played in every Manchester derby last season; how did last Sunday’s clash compare?
It felt really sweet because we won a big derby game and an important league match, but also because of everything that happened last season. It was such a brilliant day, especially with the way the scoring panned out. It was a crazy game but I thought we played some excellent football and to get the winner in the last minute was incredible. It was a great feeling for us in the dressing room afterwards so I bet it felt like a massive result for the fans. You could tell what it meant to them just by looking at the away end. We felt exactly the same.

You looked like you enjoyed the celebrations too…
The substitutes on the bench were getting a lot of stick from the City fans behind the dugout. So I enjoyed the celebrations at the end – it was a great result and a really good performance.

With last year’s derby results and the way things panned out on the league’s final day, was there a real determination to turn in a positive performance?
The lads and the manager deserve a lot of credit for coming out and playing the way we did. We wanted to win and wanted to attack. We worked really hard during the week in the build-up to the game and put the right preparation in place. The players took on board everything that the coaches and the manager said to us about the way they wanted us to play. I think that showed in our performance.

Patrice Evra mentioned that the players had been waiting for this game, almost like you wanted to go out there and make a point…
Yeah, we did. Especially given the circumstances of last season, I felt we were very unfortunate to lose out

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