25/02/2012 07:32, Report by Adam Bostock
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De Laet rates Norwich

United defender Ritchie De Laet talks about his time on loan to Norwich City...

You spent the first four months of this season with Sunday’s opponents. How do you look back now on your time at Carrow Road?
I learned a lot, even though I didn’t play every game. I think I played about six or seven games. But just training with them, it was something different for me. I learned other tactics, I learned how another manager wants it to be. I played six games in the Premier League and that was aim when I went to Norwich, to play as many games as I could. Obviously I got injured and couldn’t play as many games as I wanted to. But I think it helped me, just training with Norwich and playing a few games in the Premier League, it helped me for my future development.

So what was the highlight of your seven games?
It was probably when I scored against Stoke! If there was one team I wanted to score against, it was definitely Stoke. So I got that and we should have won that game but we conceded in the 93rd or 94th minute and that was really disappointing. So scoring [was a highlight] and also playing against Chelsea. You want to play against the big teams and I did that.

How did Norwich manager Paul Lambert, another Scot, compare to Sir Alex?
Obviously here the boss comes outside to watch training sessions and have a laugh. At the smaller teams, you still see the gaffer coming out in daily training sessions. Paul Lambert was like that. He came into the dressing room and the physio room to have some banter with the lads, he did his work in the gym with the lads as well. So he was really involved with what the players were doing. Everybody knew what we were allowed and weren’t allowed to do. He set his standards out early in the season and told us what we had to do to hit the heights that he wanted them to hit. They’re doing that at the moment.

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