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07/02/2012 14:56 , N Coppack, A Marshall, A Bostock
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Webchat: Ben Amos hosted an exclusive live webchat with Ben Amos at Carrington on Tuesday, 7 February 2012.

The fans' questions and Ben's answers appear below in reverse order, with the last question appearing at the top.

The fan who submitted Ben's favourite question was Barry Lucas of Bolton. He asked, 'What drives you to succeed at such a high-profile club, when you are not playing week in, week out?' Congratulations to Barry - he will receive a goalkeeper's shirt signed by Ben - and thanks to everyone who submitted a question. Sorry we couldn't ask them all.

Thanks for your time, Ben. Here's the last question... if you could play in any football game in the world what would it be - the FA Cup final, World Cup final or Champions League final?
Lisa Phillips, Whitchurch, UK

It would have to be the Champions League final I think. It's close between that and a World Cup final. But I'll say the Champions League final for United. I'm very jealous of Edwin doing that, very jealous.

What does a normal day of training consist of?
Holly Mallinson, North Richland Hills, USA

Training is different every day. Today we did gym work before we went outside and worked with Steeley, then we had games with the team and I've got the gym next after this webchat. Tomorrow might be different, it's one of the beauties of it, you don't know what you're doing but we try and cover all areas of goalkeeping with Steeley and do a bit of everything during the week.

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