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07/02/2012 14:56 , N Coppack, A Marshall, A Bostock
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Webchat: Ben Amos

Would you rather save a last-minute penalty or come up for a corner and score the winner?
Brad Harper, UK

I think I'd rather save the penalty but I'm sure going up and scoring the winner would be a crazy feeling as well. Obviously making a big save at important times is a brilliant feeling but I'd imagine scoring a goal is an even bigger rush I think. The strikers get all the glory.

If you could change your number to any other number, other than number 1, what would it be and why?
Daniel Dempsey, Stockport, UK

Obviously number 1 is always the traditional one for the keeper, but in some countries they wear 12 as a popular one. So I'll say 12.

Who in United has the hardest shot?
Adam Prince, Derby

No competition. Scholesy. Simple as that. I'm sure he's got a trampoline in his boots or something!

Are there any grounds you'd still love to play in?
Michael Spencer, Manchester

I can't think of too many that I've not been to in England. I would imagine Stoke away is quite an atmosphere. Some of the big European ones are the main ones. I think some of the foreign ones would be brilliant, the likes of Nou Camp, Bernabeu and San Siro.

Do you feel a bit star struck at times when you look at the badge on your shirt knowing you are playing for the greatest club in world football?
Dean Milner, Johannesburg, South Africa

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