26/02/2012 08:40, Report by Steve Bartram

Fabio answers fans

The Brazilian left-back fields questions from United Review readers...

Have you ever claimed credit for something Rafael has done? Nick Millard
When I was young, yes! In school, sometimes, and at parties with girls [laughs]. Maybe seven years ago, when we looked the same. Now there are differences but back then our hair was the same and sometimes we wore the same clothes.

Who would win a race between you and Rafael? Amit
[Laughs]. This is a hard question. Some months, one is faster than the other one. The next month, it changes. It's always changing. When we were younger, I was faster - maybe now I'm a little faster than him too!

You've taken free-kicks for Brazil. Do you hope to do so here? Carlos Villanueva
A lot of players here can take free-kicks. One day I hope I can take them but I'm young so I have to wait. Maybe I'll start to practise them and then they'll let me.

Did you enjoy playing golf on tour in pre-season? Amir Ahmed
Yeah, it was the first time I played in my life! It's different in Brazil because, for some reason, we don't play out there. We play more volleyball, basketball and football. Golf is not played really. It was fun though. I nearly hit my brother but it was funny!

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