19/02/2012 09:52, Report by Steve Bartram
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Ryan Giggs: Milestone man

Ryan Giggs is about to make his 900th United appearance and, having signed a new one-year deal, the living legend isn't finished yet...

You’re on the verge of 900 appearances for United – have you stopped paying attention to all these landmarks?
[Laughs] I have. I never really paid attention, to be honest. The big one was obviously overtaking Sir Bobby [Charlton], so that was obviously a proud moment, but now I’ll just see where it takes me. I’m just proud. When I got to 800, I never thought I’d get to 900, and before that I never thought I’d reach Sir Bobby’s record. Every game’s a bonus now. I’m proud because 900 is a lot of games, especially with a club I’ve supported and loved for so long. I’m probably more comfortable with it now than I was a few years ago.

Are you going for 1,000 next – and playing into your forties?
[Laughs] Now that one’s a question! You can’t see it, but we’ll see.

You’re hardly a bit-part player; you tend to have a big influence whenever you’re on the field…
Yeah, when that changes, then that’s when I’ll want to stop. But I feel like I’m still an influence on and off the pitch, so I’ll carry on.

How much planning goes into how much you’re used, and how do you balance playing and sitting out?
It is hard. It’s a lot easier when you’ve got a full squad. In midfield, if we’ve got Anderson, [Tom] Cleverley and [Michael] Carrick all fit, we can usually plan it, especially early on in the season – you know those players will be playing before you. But when you get injuries, and you know the manager’s probably not got any choice but to play you, then it’s different. I probably feel at my best when I’m playing every 10 days or two weeks, but sometimes you can’t do that. You’ve got to try and keep yourself fit. I played 90 minutes against Newcastle, and four days later I played 90 minutes against City – you’re going to get that during the season. It’s not ideal and the manager

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