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De Gea loves life at OT

United's official monthly magazine, Inside United, caught up with Reds goalkeeper David De Gea just before Christmas.

In the first of our two-part excerpt, the Spanish goalkeeper speaks of adjusting to English football, communicating with his defenders and his title ambitions.

You've now experienced a few months in the Premier League after two seasons in Spain's La Liga. What are the differences?
Well, I think it's fair to say La Liga and the Premier League are the two best leagues in the world and in that sense they're very similar, they're at a similar level. But it's well known that here in England the style of play is rather more physical and as a goalkeeper you've got to be right on it, you've got to be attentive all through the match. The players coming at you can shoot from any angle, they can shoot from distance – you need to be aware that you might get a shot from distance at any time. Having said that, there's also a lot of crosses from the sides, a lot of high balls and aerial play. So you've got to be able to get in there and block, interfere and stop shots being taken.

Have you had to adjust much to this, or were you expecting these differences?
I knew when I was coming that this was the style of play I was coming into, so I was pretty much ready and I was already confident when I came here. I knew I'd need to train a lot, which I do. I concentrate a lot on blocking shots and it is going well for me.

Which players were the first to help you settle in when you initially arrived at the club?
Those who speak my language: Chicharito, Antonio [Valencia], Nani. All of them, of course, but specifically those guys because of the language. If I had any questions or problems I could ask them, they helped me a great deal.

In terms of communicating with your defence, how's your English?
[The interpreter asks this question in English and the

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