02/01/2012 14:58, Report by Ben Ashby
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De Gea loves life at OT

reply comes in the same language] Good, yes. [English classes going ok?] Yes. [De Gea goes back into Spanish] I understand a lot but it is more difficult for me to express myself. Shouts to my defence, warning calls and that sort of thing: I can do all that fine.

The United defence has chopped and changed a lot, with injuries and rotation. Does that make life more difficult for you?
First thing's first: whoever starts for United, we've got the squad, we've got the players and they're all really good. The level of expectation and the level of play is very high at United but we do have a substantial squad and we are free to rotate, and each player who comes in is a great player – I'd say each is the measure of the other.

You're very good with your feet. Did you ever play outfield as a youngster?
When I was really young, yeah, I did play outfield and I liked it a lot. I have to say, I scored quite a few goals! But when I got into a proper team I moved into goal and that's probably for the best because obviously that's what I now am. There are times in training when you share the outfield players' training methods, to develop ball skills and skills with your feet. It's all part of the game.

What have you made of the team’s season so far?
We made a very good start as a team but it was clear then that it would be difficult to maintain that level. So after five or six games our form did dip a little bit but now we're working hard and we're progressing. We're playing well, we're keeping the ball and we're going in the right direction.

Are you aware of United's reputation of coming into form in the second half of the season?
Yes, I do know about the second half syndrome. Last year we managed to peg Chelsea back a lot of points and went on to win, of course. I think generally as a club we have to maintain a hard line all season and keep our level high, and if the team can maintain that I think we can go on to do great things.

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