03/01/2012 12:52, Report by Ben Ashby
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De Gea's a cool customer

United's official monthly magazine, Inside United, caught up with Reds goalkeeper David De Gea just before Christmas.

In the second of our two-part excerpt (you can also read part one), the Spanish goalkeeper speaks of his boyhood heroes, his life off the pitch and his taste for English food.

When you were growing up, who were the goalkeepers that inspired you?
Peter Schmeichel, of course. He was legendary and a role model for any goalkeeper. I've always admired and followed goalkeepers since I was very young. Another one is Iker Casillas of Real Madrid. I think he is an excellent role model for anyone thinking of goalkeeping.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself as a person? What sort of character do you have?
Well I'm pretty cool, I'm chilled out, I'm relaxed, happy... on the field and off the field. Obviously when you're playing it's a serious thing and you've got to be serious about it but in life generally I am easy going. I like to be with my family, my friends, my girlfriend. I'm a regular guy.

What were your impressions when you first met Sir Alex Fergusion?
Well you can imagine what it is like, of course, with the record he has got, having spent 25 years at the top and at a club like this – it's amazing. It's a unique experience in itself and I was very proud to be able to meet him and spend time with him. All you can say is it's a privilege to meet the boss.

You've settled really well into the United goalmouth. How have you settled in Manchester and in England?
Very well. I'm very happy here in Manchester. I have my family with me, my brother's here, my girlfriend. Who wouldn't be happy? I'm playing at the best club in the world and it's all going great.

Are you enjoying the English food?
You know, before I came here people talked badly about English cuisine but to me, I've been surprised how good it is. I've never come across any unpleasantness about food in Britain. Maybe it's that bit easier for me because my mum is at home and she helps me with food. I'm putting weight on and growing into a big strong lad!

Football aside, what about the difference in culture between Spain and England, how are you finding that experience?
It is very different. The first thing that springs to mind is that

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