03/01/2012 12:52, Report by Ben Ashby
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De Gea's a cool customer

been surprised how good it is. I've never come across any unpleasantness about food in Britain. Maybe it's that bit easier for me because my mum is at home and she helps me with food. I'm putting weight on and growing into a big strong lad!

Football aside, what about the difference in culture between Spain and England, how are you finding that experience?
It is very different. The first thing that springs to mind is that people seem to be focused on home life more here in the UK. Things like most shops closing at 5pm - that's very different to Spain, where people tend to spend more time out and about, around the streets, around the shops and restaurants, the shops close very late over there. For me, I like to be relaxed, I like to be at peace so this comfortable, homey kind of life suits me.

This interview originally appeared in Inside United (February 2012 edition).

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