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19/01/2012 14:56 , N Coppack, G Thompson, A Bostock
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Webchat: Anders Lindegaard hosted an exclusive live webchat with Anders Lindegaard at Carrington on Thursday afternoon, 19 January.

The fans' questions and Anders' answers appear below in reverse order, with the last question appearing at the top.

Anders selected this as his favourite question: 'If you could have played in any other Manchester United team, which one would it have been and why?' The fan who asked it, Stephanie Garside of Manchester, wins a United goalkeeper's shirt signed by the man himself. Congratulations, Stephanie, and thanks to everyone who submitted a question... as usual, we received thousands.

Had you not been a footballer, what would you have been?
Rahul Rana, India

When I was a kid I wanted to be a pilot in a jet-fighter. Just like in the movie Top Gun! As I grew older I wanted to be a doctor and then at 16 or 17 I had a big discussion with myself about whether I should go for football or try and follow a more normal life. I even made an application for medical school in Denmark. After my career, I always thought I'd leave football as soon as I was done with it. But as I get older I think I'll stay in it because it's given me so much and I'd like to stay in the game.

What goes through your mind when you’re faced with a one-on-one situation?
Mustafa Ladha, USA

First, you want to know your opponent. That's half the victory. If you know he normally bends it or disguises where he's going to shoot it then that can help you. Then you look for small signs in his body language, his positioning. Is he going to

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