18/07/2012 09:15, Report by Gemma Thompson in Durban
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Hernandez glad to be back

We sat down with Javier Hernandez on the plane to Durban to talk about the pre-season DHL tour...

How did your first week back at Carrington go?
It was great to be back. I really enjoyed my summer break in Mexico with all my family and my friends but I have to say I was missing not being at Carrington. I'm very happy to be back and to see my team-mates and start pre-season. It'll be my first complete pre-season because during the last two summers I met up with the team in America during the tour. I'm enjoying this pre-season a lot already - training at Carrington and then going on tour to two countries where we have a lot of fans.

How important will it be to get a full pre-season under your belt after only being involved in part of the last two?
It'll be important and I just want to enjoy it and do my best. I know I need to keep learning - you never stop learning and I want to continue to improve and work hard in order to repay the people that put their trust in me. I know I need to be professional on and off the pitch and I want to make sure I am ready for the new season.

As you know from experience, the tour will help our new signings settle in...
Yes definitely. The most important thing for the new players is to get to know the other players as soon as they can and to spend time with them. It'll be good for them to train with us and also get to know everything about all the parts of the club. They [Nick Powell and Shinji Kagawa] are both really good lads, they work hard and are very professional. It's important that we keep that winning mentality going that we have at United. The new players will learn about that from the experienced players like Giggsy and Scholesy. They can teach all the young players so much.

What have the other players told you about the kind of reception to expect from the fans on tour?
[Smiles] They've told me that particularly in Asia all the fans go crazy for United. They have said the same for South Africa which is a very

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