12/07/2012 13:30, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Powell: My first week

What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed?
Just the vast size of the place and also the intensity of the training is completely different. You see the players on TV and you think to yourself I wish I could play with them and do what they do and to now be part of that and see what the players do in training every day is amazing.

What training have you done so far?
I went straight into working with the first team on some possession work and we’ve done the ‘boxes’ as well although I got nutmegged on my first day!  Scholesy is the best player at boxes by a country mile. He’s an unbelievable trainer. It’s amazing to see how everyone wants to win at this club even in training. That’s great for me because it’ll help me push on. It was much more relaxed at Crewe and you felt in a comfort zone there, but now I’m here I know I have to work hard every day and be at my best. Having that challenge will only help me progress.

How was your first meeting with Sir Alex?
[Laughs] It was a bit daunting, but he’s a really nice person and he was one of the main reasons why I wanted to come here. He told me things are in my own hands in terms of how I do and how far I can go here and he told me I’d get my chance if I proved myself. I hope I can do that.

Have you set yourself any particular targets?
I have, yes, but I don’t want to say what they are at the moment!

How much are you looking forward to going on tour?
It’ll be great and it’ll be nice to spend some time with the lads and get to know everyone properly. I’m excited to be going to some different countries as well. We didn’t go anywhere with Crewe last summer and now I’m going to South Africa and China – I can’t wait.

Have the other players told you about what to expect on tour when it comes to the fan reaction?
Yeah they’ve said that you can’t really move in China because there are so many fans

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