12/07/2012 13:30, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Powell: My first week

everywhere. I think it’ll show me how big this club is on a worldwide scale. I’ve never been outside England with Crewe so to see how many fans United have in different countries will be brilliant.

You must be desperate to just get out there and play now…
Absolutely. I’ve proved myself at a certain level but I want to prove myself here at the top level. I hope I can do well.

Do you see yourself more as a midfielder or a forward?
I prefer to be called a midfielder, but I guess you could say I’m an attacking midfielder. I’m just a player who tries to create things and looks for holes to try and go forward into.

You ended last season with a trophy for Crewe in the League Two play-off – has that given you a taste for more?
Absolutely. At the start of last season we were just hoping we could be up there challenging for a play-off place. To win a trophy was phenomenal for us and it’s definitely given me the taste for winning more. I hope I can play my part in helping United do that.

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