10/07/2012 10:10, Report by Adam Marshall
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Cole aims for improvement

was really good.

So, the season as a whole was an unqualified success at Reserves level...
Overall, I do think I did well. I had a bit of experience in the first team, which was good, and I’d like to get some more. Performance-wise, I feel I could have done more sometimes but, when you’re in a team, you have to do more of a job for for them.

How did you find playing in a new position in the early part of the campaign?
Yes, I played full-back at the start of the season. Warren drills that into us with the hard work inside the gym and everything. Obviously, I can still improve on the defensive side and I know I still need to do that. But I learned a lot more with Warren last season.

Long-term do you think you’ll move inside from the wing?
Yes, I think I probably prefer it more in the centre. You get on the ball more.

Paul Scholes has certainly been effusive in his praise of your talents...
I don’t want to get too big-headed but it’s nice when you hear it from him. Obviously, he’s such a good player and for him to say stuff like that is good for your confidence. When he was coaching with us, he never held back and went flying into tackles. It was good to learn from him and he carries on talking to us now even though he’s in the first team.

Did you get some first-team experience aside from the Carling Cup last term?
I travelled with the first team to a few other games and was on the bench against Blackburn – but we lost that one. It was good to travel, to learn and get a taste of it. But I’d like to play and, hopefully next season, I’ll come back and do that. I would also like to get experience out on loan.

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