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Butt resits Class

and it's great. You've got the club in your blood really. All my family are United fans and I've got the  interests of thhe club at heart. People staying at the club like Ryan and Scholesy and coaching is only good, especially for the kids, because I remember when I was young. We had Brian Kidd and Nobby Stiles, and obviously the manager as well, but people like that - you've got a European Cup winner and a World Cup winner. You're thinking: 'Whatever you say, I'm going to do it whether it's right or wrong. I'm going to do it as you've been there and done it.' People look up to Giggsy, Scholesy and maybe myself, people like that, as we've done it. They can't say: 'What do you know?' Obviously, Ryan and Scholesy do know and it's a good thing if they can stay there.

Do you think some of you will make great managerial material?
Scholesy's doing his badges and was enjoying doing stuff with the Reserves. He was still joining in and playing but Giggsy is a natural manager in my eyes. I don't know when, next year or in five years, but I think he's got that ability, the way he is, to be a good manager. Scholesy's the same and could be a great manager or coach, whatever he wants to be. The thing is you don't know what you want to be until you try it. You'd never have thought Mark Hughes would be a manager and it's like myself, after I quit football, I thought I'd try TV but I didn't like it. If I didn't try it, I would never have known. Gary Neville, I felt was obviously certain to go straight into management but no chance, he's been doing the Sky stuff and he's got a three-year deal there. So you never know what's around the corner for you. You've got to be prepared to get as much as knowledge as you can, with football or whatever it is you want to do, and see what comes of it.

What do you miss most about your playing days at United?
They were all jokers in the dressing room, great characters to be fair. Scholesy was great and he gets away with it as he's quiet. Giggsy, Keaney - there was great team spirit with so many of them. It's important if you're going to be successful to have that team spirit.

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