13/03/2012 16:35, Report by J Tuck, A Bostock

Fans quiz De Gea

The Reds' in-form goalkeeper parries queries from United supporters...

Sir Alex sees you as United’s keeper for the next 10 years – is that your goal? Shanker Vasu
Absolutely – let’s hope that proves to be the case! Every day I feel more at home here so I can see myself spending my whole career at United. I am very relaxed in England and I like my football here.

Who do you get on with best at the club? Jonas Giaever
I get on with all the lads but I guess Chicharito and Antonio Valencia most of all. They were brilliant when I first arrived, translating for me and answering any questions I had. Javier is a real livewire off the field – he lifts every room he walks into and his enthusiasm is infectious.

You have great reflexes. Do you practise this or is it just a gift? Andre
I certainly work hard at it, but I believe something like that is in-born. A singer is born with a great voice, a striker can naturally sniff out a chance and I think a goalkeeper’s reflexes are the same.

What music do you enjoy? jasper99
I like metal and rock bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica. When I put it on in the dressing room, everyone moans! Most of the other players are into hip-hop. I also love This Is The One [by the Stone Roses], the song we come out to at Old Trafford – it gives me a big lift for the game.

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