"I thought Paul Scholes retired too soon. He's got another couple of seasons in him and the way he plays, he's one of my favourites now. He's a lovely player and it would have been really good to play alongside him."

- Denis Law, ManUtd.com

28/03/2012 08:55, Report by Adam Marshall
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Law admires Boss and Scholes

football. Well, in saying that, it was a great experience and it did me a lot of good when I came back to United.

And we have the opposite situation here with a number of young Italians (Petrucci, Macheda, Massacci, Fornasier) coming to Manchester. Do you think it must be hard for them?
Yes, not too much the football game itself but it's the life. It's the fact that you live in a city where your friends aren't here, there's different food and different culture. The game itself is the easy part, though.

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