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Webchat: Nemanja Vidic

ManUtd.com hosted a live webchat with Nemanja Vidic at Carrington on Wednesday 21 March.

The Serbian defender is still recovering from a season-ending knee injury but he kindly agreed to field fans' questions in our exclusive interview.

Signed shirt winner! Nemanja decided his favourite question to answer was, 'Everyone needs to take a break from the daily routine. What do you do to unwind?' The fan who asked it, Nafisa Berkar from Bolton, wins a United shirt signed by the player himself. Congratulations Nafisa, and thanks to everyone who submitted a question.

The questions below are in reverse order, i.e. last question appears first.

Here's the final question Nemanja... What is the best dressing-room prank you have been involved in and on whom was it played?
Nirad Nunna, Hyderabad, India

I'm not good at remembering jokes, I don't have a good memory for them. I always find it funny though when someone imitates somebody else. Ronaldo used to do a good imitation of one of the United physios - I won't mention his name - but it was very funny and I think he's still doing the same now. When I see the physio, I always remember Ronaldo's imitation and laugh.

Your signing was announced on ManUtd.com on Christmas Day 2005. Was that your best Christmas present ever?
Jen Gibbs, Corby, UK

Yes, especially as it happened very fast. The deal took less than a week maybe. I was here on Christmas Eve and then I went back for a few days. United gave me a week off so I could celebrate Christmas and New Year in Serbia.

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