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Webchat: Nemanja Vidic

As a semi-pro player, I was wondering how frequently do you wear out your football boots. Do you often change them?
Adam Papp, Nádudvar, Hungary

No, not often, certainly not every game. It depends on how they look sometimes. Sometimes boots can be ruined because of a tackle, but normally I would change my boots twice in three months. Most of the players now have advertising deals with certain boots and the companies send us new boots to change to because they have a new model. Sometimes it's not a matter of when we want to change our boots, it's when they want us to change them.

What kind of music do you listen to?
HessaAl-Mannai, Doha

I think Patrice Evra is a good DJ. He is the one who always sets up the music in the dressing room before the game. He has good taste. I listen to everything... Serbian music, rock and pop. I can listen to anything really with good rhythm but not when your ears hurt.

Many are saying Antonio Valencia is the best right winger in the world right now. How good is he?
Luke Clegg, Manchester

I think he's a great player to play with. First of all he's a team player who works hard for the team and makes a difference up front. He's done it so many times this season and it seems like he's made a step up and improved. I think I would say he is our best player this season as well. There are one or two others, like Wazza's had a great season and has scored a lot of goals. But Antonio has done really well. It's important he's fit and plays all the games because we need him at this time of the season.

Who is the toughest player you have ever had to go up against?
Stuart Hynes, Tallaght

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