"There is always a desire no matter who is challenging. It’s not just about Manchester City or whichever team is challenging, it’s about you wanting to create more history at Manchester United."

- Jonny Evans

27/03/2012 08:50, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Evans' end goal in sight

Fresh from netting his first ever senior strike, Jonny Evans tells United Review he has his sights firmly set on fulfilling his main aim of the campaign – another title triumph...

Have you come down from the high of scoring your first United goal yet at Wolves earlier this month?
[Laughs] I’ve had a constant smile on my face ever since! There had been a lot of banter about me not scoring because it had gone on for so long. Every time I’d gone up for a corner I’d try my hardest to score and got close a few times. But this time I was more relaxed and suddenly the ball fell to me six yards out and it went in.

How many times have you watched it?
[Laughs] I don’t want to say! Quite a lot but only because it’s kept popping up on TV.

How much of a relief is it – did you worry it would never come?
A few weeks ago someone showed me a list of players who have played for the club and never scored and the number of appearances they’d made and I was about sixth on the list! [Laughs] So from that point of view it’s a relief.

Did the goal cap a great run of form in the league for both the team and you personally?
Yeah, definitely. Going on a run is what we always set out to do especially during the second half of the season. We’ve been going into every game feeling like we’re never going to lose. That self-belief is something we’ve always had at the club and we really believe we can win every game.

You’ve been one of United’s most consistent performers – what do you attribute that to?
I think I’ve just concentrated on playing football the way I know how. Over the last couple of years I was trying to do things on the pitch that weren’t me, like getting into physical battles when I’m not really one of the strongest defenders physically. I’ve always been more of a reader of the game and I think I maybe let that slip out of my own game. So I basically just went back and looked at what I was good at and concentrated on the things that came naturally to me.

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