"Hearing the manager say I can play for another season definitely puts the spring back in your step."

- Rio Ferdinand

13/11/2012 17:43, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Spring in Rio's step

at Southampton [Rio hit the post just before van Persie's second goal] but it wasn’t to be.

Presumably you enjoyed the outcome at Southampton though, as a lover of last-minute victories?
Yeah that was unbelievable and it was brilliant for Robin to get a hat-trick on the day. But again you just don’t want to put yourself in those situations where you have to come back and pull victories from the jaws of defeat. I’m sure the manager’s heart is beating much quicker than normal after games like that!

Does playing between full-backs who have such a licence to bomb on give you a lot to think about in terms of covering across?
Yeah you’ve got to keep them on the reins! [Smiles]. But we’ve got such good attacking options with our forwards and midfielders that sometimes we don’t need to join in and we just need to focus on keeping the door locked at the back and making sure the other team doesn’t get any opportunities. We’ve been successful when we’ve been good at doing that.

United have played some different formations this term - does that affect your role as a centre-back at all?
Not really. For us as a back four the way we start games and our mentality is the most important thing. Whatever gets put in front of you after that is something we just deal with – the most important thing for us as defenders is to have the right mentality.

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