09/04/2013 00:07, Report by Adam Marshall
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Januzaj's first-team aim

But you’re a creative player so is it important you get on the ball as much as you can?
I really like to play with the ball at my feet. It is more my type of play than defending. I take the set-pieces as well and always try to deliver the best ball I can and do something for the team to help my team-mates.

How rewarding was it to hear Sir Alex talk about your potential?
Of course, it was great. He is a big coach, the boss, and it’s a good feeling. I always want to do better and better but it felt good and was a really big step for me. I hope to achieve something at Manchester United.

No matter how cold it is, Sir Alex is often at the matches..
I love this. He is a big coach, you can’t say anything more about him as he is one of the best in the world, but I don’t think other team’s managers come to watch the Under-18s and the Reserves. But it’s really professional here and I really like it at United. I feel good here.

Warren Joyce also said you really want to be a footballer. It sounds simple but is this a vital trait?
Ever since I was five, I’ve loved to play football and always had the ball at my feet. I am just trying to make a career in it because I really love football and I hope to keep going and do something for the future.

Was it difficult being sidelined for so long last season through injury?
Yes. I was still learning, even though I was injured, but I had never had an injury before and that was the first one. You learn a lot when you are injured. After that, I came back and wanted to show the coaches what I can do.

Were you able to work in the gym, even though you were unable to train?
Yes. That helps as well because you are getting stronger and doing different things that are all parts of football. So it was actually a good experience even if I hope not to be injured again!

You also had a slight delay before starting your United career. Was that frustrating?
That’s right. I had to wait for the paperwork to come through on the transfer. It was just a case of training hard, even though I wasn’t playing, and just thinking: ‘I don’t know but maybe tomorrow it will come through’. So I was just hoping to do

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