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Januzaj's first-team aim

my best.

You are one of four young Belgians here – how do you find that?
It’s very good to have Belgian players with you and it does help me. I had Paul Pogba here as well when I arrived and he was talking French so I was mostly talking with him. I learned with Pogba too and, when I started speaking English, I became more integrated with the other players. Now I’m talking with the English boys as well and am really pleased because speaking the language has made a difference.

Belgium have a formidable squad now at international level..
Yes, we have got good players in Belgium. Eden Hazard, Mousa Dembele etc. They are all big players but I hope to just do my best and have a good career with my football. I’ve never played for Belgium at youth level. It will come later, there is no point in rushing. I will just try to do my best for Manchester United and that’s it for now.

You are representing United in the Dallas Cup. Have you been to the USA before?
I’ve been to Portland when I was injured. I went to Niketown and it was really good. I worked hard and it was nice weather too. 

So, finally, what are your ambitions? 
I came here to do something and focus on my football. I may be in the Under-21s but it’s good to try and get in the first team even when you’re 18 as well. I would love to go on tour with the first team but we’ll see. I have just got to keep going.

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