21/08/2013 08:36, Report by James Tuck
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Robson expects threat

Sir Alex has left but David Moyes is a really good manager and will get the best out of his players. With the squad we have, there’s no reason why we can’t go on and win it again.

Which teams do you think will overachieve or have an impressive season?
Chelsea will be a real threat to us because of Mourinho’s record in the English game. I worry about them a little more than City this year because they have some great players. OK, they haven’t won the league for while but they keep winning trophies and have a desire to achieve. Steve Bruce is a big mate of mine so I’d love to see Hull stay up but it’s always the same: the teams who’ve come up and those who survived last season, like Norwich and Southampton, are going to have a long, hard campaign. 

Are you expecting an improved performance from English clubs in the Champions League this year and who do you think will win the competition?
I would like to think so. The last couple of years have been really disappointing as far as the Champions League is concerned. It’s great for our league if our teams are doing well in Europe. We were a bit unfortunate last season but City and Chelsea were poor. Arsenal played a powerful Bayern Munich, who went on to win the tournament. But you don’t want to see other teams in Europe being that dominant over us. So it’s always healthy if the English teams are doing well and hopefully we’ll improve and step up. In terms of winning it, I look at Bayern again: they’re a strong, physical side with some great, young players. And you can never write off Barcelona or Real Madrid, no matter which manager is in charge.

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