16/08/2013 07:53, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Title closer than ever

Ahead of the new season, player-coach Ryan Giggs spoke to Inside United magazine about his hopes and expectations for the new season... 

Your good mate Gary Neville said this is the most unpredictable Premier League season he can remember – would you go along with that?
Yes, definitely – and it’s all very exciting for the fans. From our perspective Sir Alex was here for so long and it’s a big change for the club. But there have also been changes at Chelsea and Manchester City and no-one really knows what will happen. There are some really good teams and some really good managers who are going to be battling it out and it’s probably going to be closer than ever. All the top teams have great quality. City will want to win the league back, Chelsea have got the experience of Jose Mourinho and, of course, we’re the champions. Then you’ve got the likes of Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool all fighting as well. So it promises to be a really exciting season.

We have a new manager leading us into the new season. What impresses you most about David Moyes?
He’s really hands-on on the training ground. He’s a manager that coaches and likes to be involved in everything. There’s good symmetry with Steve, Jimmy, Phil and myself – everyone works well together. He likes to take control of training but knows he’s got the other guys to help him. He’s a real details man, too. He likes to know everything about every player and that’s what you need to be a Manchester United manager – it’s all in the details. That’s what he is about.

He said he was nervous when he first addressed the squad – what was that like and what did he say?
It was good. He’s had a couple of chats with us so far and the players have really taken to him. He’s joined the champions and he wants to make us that little bit better. That’s his aim and hopefully he can achieve it.

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