27/08/2013 09:40, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Head start for Vidic

It’s all change in these parts – and yet nothing really changes at all. The same great expectations exist, the demand for quality, attacking football remains, and the challenge to win trophies and be successful has not wilted one bit.

That was the message from Reds captain Nemanja Vidic in his United Review interview before the Chelsea game, and you wouldn’t want to argue with him now would you?

So, Vida, you must have been happy with the 4-1 win at Swansea to kick the season off?
Yes, we are very pleased and I am pleased also. It’s the first game and that’s always tough, especially when you play against a good team like Swansea. A good start is very important for many reasons. We have a new manager, and with our schedule in the first five games that win was important. But, equally, you don’t want to play your best game in the first match. Most importantly, you win. We did that. We had some good spells and some good play. Overall I think there’s still space to improve, but generally we should be happy.

You did well in what seemed like quite a physical game. How are you feeling having missed a few matches in pre-season?
I feel better every day. I’m training well and I feel better in the games. I feel good. It’s important in these first few matches that we build our form. This year we don’t have much time before we need to be at our very best in big games – like tonight – but I am training well, feeling good and I’m looking forward to this season.

There was a lot of support for David Moyes in the away end against Swansea. Did you notice that?
I don’t hear much when I am playing! Before the game and after the game I could hear our fans singing his name. As soon as the match starts, I focus on what is happening on the pitch. It was an intense match. Swansea played a good game – the result

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