27/08/2013 09:40, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Head start for Vidic

doesn’t say that but they made it tough for us. But it’s great to see that support of our manager. This club is united. Sir Alex has left and we are going to the next chapter now. Everyone has their part to play, the fans have a very big part to play. The new manager and the players count on that support, so I am not surprised one bit. The fans have been fantastic to us over the years and I am sure they will be the same this year.

Last time out at Old Trafford in Sir Alex’s speech on the pitch he said to the fans that it was important that everyone gets behind the new manager. The players have done that too...
Of course. The manager is the person that is deciding the team, the sessions, and in this club you never have a problem with that. Every person has his job, the players deliver what the manager asks as best we can. The manager prepares the team to get results. You have a hierarchy here and everyone knows his job, that is what this club is built on. It is not difficult because we are doing the same things with the same aims – to be successful – that we did before.

Does it feel different at all going into this season compared to the seven others you’ve started here?
Same expectations. We have to win trophies. So, it doesn’t feel different in that sense. There have been changes and the media have tried to question whether we can do it all again and can we remain successful. But people always ask those questions because it’s the challenge of playing for Manchester United. That is no different.

Does it feel exciting to be playing an important part in the next chapter?
It does. It was great to play under Sir Alex and it was a privilege to be a player that he coached. I learnt so much from him, as a manager and as a person. His influence on the team and this club was massive. Now it’s a new chapter and we will work hard to do the same this year, to win titles and compete in the Champions League and go to the latest stages in all competitions. I’m excited and feel

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