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Ryan embraces new role

together and I've learnt a lot from other managers and coaches. There's a massive array of different levels of coaching on the course from Premier League to League One to the Conference... I've really enjoyed it. We've got a year to go with three more meet-ups so we're nearly there.

At what stage of your career did you decide that you definitely wanted to go down the coaching route?
I wanted to be as prepared as I could for finishing playing. I've always concentrated on playing but I've been doing my badges too. It's been tough at times because it is quite time-consuming but I'm really glad I've done it. Five years ago I didn't think I'd still be playing at this age so I wanted to make sure I was prepared when I finished so I started doing my coaching badges then.

How does your new role fit in alongside Steve Round (assistant manager), Jimmy Lumsden (first team coach), and Phil Neville (coach)?
I'll just do what I can to help them. They've been really good with me. I'm new to it and I'll be learning along the way. It's like starting all over again in a way. But I've been really lucky at how the lads have helped me so far and I hope I can help them.

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