04/01/2014 09:23, Report by Gemma Thompson

Pat answers Facebook fans

We asked Patrice Evra to tackle a few of the many questions put to him by fans on our official Facebook page. And the Frenchman was only too happy to oblige...

Which season has been your favourite at United and why? Zachary Waite
I have to say the 2007/08 one because we won the league and the Champions League. The football we played that season was fantastic and so exciting to watch. The team we had was unbelievable.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? James Hanson
That’s a good question. [Pauses to think]. I would want to be able to make sure that all the children in the world were able to have food every day.

Which is the best country you've ever visited? Firas Van Nir
I would say America and specifically Los Angeles. I was really surprised how much I liked it. It’s somewhere I’ll definitely be going back to.

What does it feel like to have captained United? Dave McCarroll
It’s a great feeling. I remember when Sir Alex told me I would be captain for the first time before our win in Wolfsburg [December 2009]. He said, ‘Pat, tomorrow you are the captain.’ I said, ‘Okay, I’ll let you know [if that’s okay] tomorrow!’ [Laughs]. I am always so proud whenever I captain the team, it’s a fantastic honour, but there are many captains here.

How much do you miss Ji-sung Park? Marc Richardson
A lot. I speak to him a lot on the phone and I used to meet up with him when he was at QPR. We are still really close friends even though he’s left United. We met up in the summer in Shanghai to film a TV commercial together and had a lot of fun. I miss him every day because he is a really important person in my life.

This interview first appeared in United Review.


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