13/12/2013 11:44, Report by Adam Bostock
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Cleverley: More to give

Do you have to adapt your game depending on who you are paired with in midfield?
Yes, definitely. Sometimes if I am playing with Jonah [Jones] or Carras, they’d be the deeper one. Or if I’m with Felli or Giggsy, then I’d be the deeper one. So it does change with who you’re playing with. But we’ve played enough games now for us to have learned and understood each other’s style.

Do you feel you’re still learning more about the defensive and attacking aspects of midfield?
Yes, I’m definitely developing the defensive side of my game and tactically the manager is teaching me a lot of things so that’s coming on. Maybe the creative side of my game can improve a little bit too but I realise that’s not my only job in the team and sometimes I’ve got to sacrifice that part.

Which performances would you pick out as your best to date in 2013/14?
I felt Chelsea at home, defensively and tactically, was a mature performance and I thought I was having a really good game at Fulham before a bang on the head gave me double vision and I had to come off. I’d pick those two, and the really good team performance at Swansea, as my best so far.

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Season so far

Tom Cleverley's 2013/14 Manchester United appearances to date:

League: 9 starts, 2 subs

Capital One Cup: 1 start

Champions League: 1 start, 2 subs

Total: 15 appearances, 0 goals


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