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Kagawa: I can do better


How have you found life in Manchester?
The weather is not as good as I imagined [laughs]! It rains a lot and it’s often cloudy. But I’m used to it now. My house is relaxing and I’ve found some nice restaurants. Most of all, I’m able to focus only on football in Manchester, which is very good for a football player. Once in a while I’ll visit London for a short break.

How does United compare with Borussia Dortmund?
Dortmund is a team with young players who don’t have much experience. But we were united and worked very hard as a team. Here at Manchester United we have a lot of experienced players who know how to play in big games. The club have won many titles and I feel every single player has a lot of potential. We’re particularly blessed with a lot of attacking players, who can create various openings in the game, and world-class strikers like Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney.

How would you assess you Manchester United career so far?
I’m not satisfied so far, but then I am always very critical of my own performances. Even worse, though, I got injured. I had to go through the frustrations that come with getting injured in my first season with the team. Now I’m just doing my best to catch up on what I have missed. There’s a lot of pressure when you play for this club, but all I can do at the moment is keep working hard every day to bring out the best in me. I’m confident my hard work will pay off.

Did the time you spent on the sidelines through injury help you study United’s style of play and help your own integration into the team?
I watched those matches from the sidelines imagining myself playing on the pitch. Since I am new to the club I have to learn the styles of my team-mates. As an attacking player, I always think how I should play to make the most out of my team-mates’ abilities and their

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