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Kagawa: I can do better

established styles. That’s the same whether I’m on or off the pitch.

You’ve played on the left side of midfield, in the centre of midfield and behind a main striker. Which do you believe is your best position?
I have the most experience, from my time at Dortmund, in playing behind the striker. However, I just want to be part of the team. I will play wherever the managers wnats me to play.

What have you made of United's team spirit?
It’s difficult to develop that ability to come from behind and win. But with so many experienced players in the team, we have a mentality here at United to play calmly even when we’re losing. Although we’ve had many comebacks this season and we might make it look easy, it’s actually very difficult. I can tell you this from my experiences with Dortmund.

How impressed have you been with Robin van Persie?
He’s a player who can do a crucial job to win in almost every game. He is a top player, obviously. It’s a wonderful experience for me to be able to play with him. For the team, it’s always encouraging to have players like van Persie and Rooney when you’re attacking.

What would you consider a successful season?
A big club is expected to win every game and also to be the champions. So that’s definitely our goal. I’ll do my best to contribute to the team so that, come the end of the season, I can feel I’ve made a contribution to what will hopefully be a title win.

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