17/01/2013 10:00, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Chicha keen to play part

would come back, and at 3-3 we knew we could win. We got the goal and it was a great feeling. My goals late in games are more about the club than me. It’s in our history and the gaffer always tells us: never give up, always fight until the end. I love that about Manchester United. It’s a totally different feeling. A great feeling. You may prefer to win 2-0, but the atmosphere in late victories is incredible. It gives you great satisfaction, and the other team doesn’t have time to react. But the most important thing is that we win.

Four of your goals this season have been winners. You’ve got a reputation now…
A little bit… [smiles] No, I don’t like to talk about myself like that. If I score a goal then it is a consequence of the efforts of the team. We are strikers, we are the nearest players to the goal and you can say it’s our job to score. But strikers have to give more to the team – you can help dictate the rhythm and tempo of the team’s play, provide assists, help defensively. I am happy that I have 13 goals this season. I still count the one at Aston Villa – I have the match ball at home. Officially it’s 12 but, for me, it’s 13. Robin van Persie has 20 goals already and is playing really well and the whole team are happy that we are scoring, but there are other departments in which we need to improve.

Where specifically?
Well, we’d like to concede fewer goals but it’s not fair to say the forwards are doing well but the defence needs to improve. As a striker, I consider myself to be the first defender when I play. The first attackers are the defenders and goalkeeper. So we take credit and criticism for both areas together. And we will improve together. Every player at this club is clear about that. Are you pleased with the position the team is currently in? Yes, but it’s a long season. The most important thing is that we are seven points in front in the league and we are through to the Champions League knockout stages because last season we

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