17/01/2013 10:00, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Chicha keen to play part

This season there is stiff competition up front for United, but Javier Hernandez is the Reds' second top goalscorer so far in 2012/13 and thoroughly enjoying the challenge...

You’re getting lots of game time and playing alongside the likes of Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney – are you enjoying yourself this season?
I am very happy. I am enjoying playing a lot and I just want to be ready when the manager wants to put me on the pitch. It’s true, it’s great to play alongside Robin, Wazza, and Danny too. But when you train and play with world-class players you also must have the best possible attitude to gain everything you can from playing alongside them. It’s easier to improve when you’re surrounded by good players – and this club has many good players.

What in particular are you learning from those players?
Every striker and every player has something they bring to the team, but Robin and Wazza are complete players. They have certain attributes that are better than others, of course, but the reason they are so good is because they do everything so well – touch, movement, passing, finishing. It’s easy to learn from them because it’s so obvious how good they are. They are two of the best strikers in the world.

You’re not doing too badly. You’ve scored 12 goals this season, eight of which have come in the last 30 minutes of matches. What’s the secret?
I really don’t know. But if you look at Robin, he scores late goals too: Southampton, Liverpool, Manchester City, West Ham… they were all late goals. If you looked at the stats of strikers at this club, past and present, I imagine they will have scored a lot of late goals. It’s the mentality of this club that you never give up because you always have time to make a difference. If we are losing 2-0, or even 3-0, in your mind you think, ‘If we get one, we’ll get two. If we get two, we can get a third’. It’s about belief. Against Newcastle we kept going behind but we always believed we

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