22/01/2013 08:00, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Jonny Evans coming of age

Jonny Evans has been one of United's most consistent performers in the past 12 months or so. He recently sat down with Inside United to discuss his progress...

You signed a new deal before Christmas. Do you see yourself as a one-club man?
I’d like to be. Obviously I’ve had my loan spells but I have come through the Academy here and now I’m in the first-team. When I was younger, clubs were asking me to go on trial from a young age and I never went on trial to another club. I just knew that Manchester United was the place I wanted to play football. So to play here throughout my career would be something I would look to do and I’d love to do it. But I can’t look too far ahead. I’m still only 25 so I’ll see where this takes me.

There have been a number of big wins this season, dramatic ones too. Which match has given you most satisfaction?
Obviously the City game was a great win. I’d come off injured and I was sitting on the bench and I just remember at the end hugging Tom Cleverley to death! I was trying not to jump around too much because I had an injury. The game I enjoyed the most was maybe the Southampton game. I didn't actually play, it was just being there. The way that game went, we didn’t actually play too well. I was sitting on the bench watching. When Robin missed the penalty I thought it wasn’t going to be our day. But the way the match unfolded in the last couple of minutes was brilliant. Being on the bench, it’s more like you’re a supporter. The match gets to you a lot more. When you’re playing you don’t get that emotional experience because you’re doing everything you can to help the team score. But when you’re watching from the sidelines there’s nothing you can do about it, so you’re sitting there experiencing all the emotions that a fan does. It was exciting to watch.

You’ve scored four goals this season. What’s the secret?
I think it’s just because I’m older, more

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