23/07/2013 02:59, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Round relishing test

Assistant manager Steve Round sits down with ManUtd.com to discuss life at United so far and the challenges ahead…

How much have you enjoyed your first few weeks with the club?
It’s been fantastic. I’ve moved to a few different clubs in my time so I understand the process of going into a new club and establishing yourself as a coach and building relationships with players and staff and making sure you settle in right away. It’s been really easy to do that here because the people are great - there is a really good rapport amongst everyone and a great camaraderie. It’s testament to the previous manager in the sense that the set-up and environment is so conducive to success that it just welcomes you in. But it’s up to you to prove you have the talent and the ability to be in this environment. As a coach you have to prove yourself to the players every day in training. It’s actually been one of the easiest transitions I’ve made and I’ve been so impressed by the whole environment, culture and mindset of everybody.

What has struck you most about working here?
From the outside you don’t really understand the enormity of the club. It’s obviously such a massive football club in a playing sense, but it’s also a global business. That’s probably what struck me when I walked through the door, just how big the club is on a global basis. This tour has shown that. The attention to detail of everything is so impressive, whether it be team travel or training facilities or whatever – it’s exceptional. Everything is spot on and that’s how it should be for the biggest club in the world. From a football perspective you can never lose sight of the fact that you’ve got 11 players on a football pitch trying to win matches. We’ve got some exceptionally talented professionals here and the most inspiring thing for me is working with players who are at the very top end of their profession. That motivates and inspires you to be an even better coach because you have to help improve players who are

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